Sunday, October 16, 2005

Windows Drama

I woke up today from another nightmare. My beloved Jukebox PC installed some Windows updates, the pesky thing asked for a reboot. So I rebooted, and then it stopped working !!!

Lucky it was all a dream.

These nightmares are manisfestations of real fears.

A new Windows is being released next year. You won't be able to escape making the switch, well probably not as early as now when the beta tests versions are out for geeks to try out, but as a regular PC user you'll be expected to switch either when you buy a new PC that comes prebundled, when you realise that your new USB toy doesn't work with an old Windows, or when you succumb to peer pressure because everyone's talking about the added enhancements. Maybe it's the new kernel, the new operating system engine, the added desktop enhancements, support for video something, whatever. Fact is, eventually you lose. Well, you can choose to be hard headed and stick to XP, just like my friend who still uses Windows 98 in today's time and age. Then again he thinks a flower looks like a clitoris, so go figure.

Everytime a new Windows comes out, geeks rush to try it out, hackers meet at Sweden to break the anti piracy security functions, PC vendors help to spread the lurve by providing it pre-installed, Low Yat shopowners meet at a karaoke pub and then disappear into a door behind where a room full of CD burners mass produce the new Windows, and consumers sigh. I sigh.

Take for example my dillemma back in school when half the class had upgraded to the new Windows and I found myself eating alone during recess and having my Computer Club membership be classified as "questionable" until I could talk for 20 minutes on the new Windows features. I finally succumbed and installed the new version. Then my modem couldn't work so how was I to boast about my new found glory and reclaim my membership ? Easy, go online to get a new driver for the new Windows. But how to go online when the modem doesn't work ? Chicken and egg problem. It scarred me for life.

I had to beg people to find me a new driver online. To my dismay, the company that built the modem had close down. So, had to buy new modem. Everything has to be replaced if it doesn't work with the new Windows. Pain !

My nightmares will come true soon. In months, the new operating system will be unleashed. Right now their putting the finishing touches to the packaging in a secret factory in China, complete with the holographic seals that you will need to continue functioning in society, say the next time you buy food you have to provide your serial number and show the holographic sticker. There's no stopping the bad guys.

*hugs PC*

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