Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Dream Of Hers

I've been having strange dreams.

Some happy, others nightmares.

People screaming. Commotion.

Hanging out with Tiesto.

Going out with Robyn from "The Apprentice."

"You can go in and see Mr. Trump now ..."

The end of the world.

Or robots taking over the planet.

Maybe it's me going somewhere.

Or it could be me eating vegetarian food (wait that's real).

But this week alone I've dreamnt of passionately kissing two people I know.

Two seperate dreams, a different person each time, two occurences within 7 days.

Of course they were women you idiot.

I find it quite freaky.

No I have not been thinking about them before this.

I feel uncomfortable.

Very strange.

Wonder how I'll look them in the eye now.

I called one of them to ask her out.

She said sure.

Then she asked why out of the blue ?

So I told her about the dream.

Suddenly she's busy for the rest of the year, most likely the next one too.

And the decade after that.

How do I explain these strange dreams ?

If this was a TV show, the first two episodes seem promising.

Can we expect threesome for Episode 3 ?

The producers are tight liped.

The cast isn't sure themselves.

In fact we don't even know when the next episode premieres.


I want the dreams to stop.

I want proper sleep again.

Need help.

Please advise.

Talks Of Episode 3 Airing Next Week ?

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