Saturday, November 5, 2005

Why Do I Subject Myself To This ?

On a recent night out I realise that my body starts to degrade at as early as 1:30AM. It's coming to a point where even if I didn't really hangout for a few years and finally take a whole day off to sleep and then go out at night, I'd get tired as soon as we get there.

Why ?

The body starts to degrade past 20. The human organs, eyesight, hearing, they start to fall apart little by little and there is no way to stop it.

I only recently realised that these days when me and friends take effort to hangout we start to complain all the way home - fatigue, headache, hungry, cannot tahan, want to die, no gf, drinks too potent, college kids nowadays carry handphone for what, working people drive cars for what, back in our days we walk in snow to school, etc. etc.

Why ?

The body starts to degrade past 20. The human mind begins to envy the youth between ages 12 to 18 and we imagine that life when we were that age was simple and pure. Yet in truth we had our own evils growing up, from as simple as our parents time when they ponteng sekolah to play at waterfall to our time when we ponteng sekolah to play with girls and these days the kids ponteng sekolah to play with boys.

My friends and me, we're slowly being phased out by younger kids who can stay awake way much later (or earlier). Us, we just want to take a step back and stay in the safety zone. Like go to bed at 11:30PM after watching Discovery in our blue pyjies. We want to be fresh and awake for the break of dawn. We calculate the required 80 hours of sleep daily right to 5 decimal points.

Why ?

The body starts to degrade past 20. It just cannot take the same type of beating Subang college kids can handle.

Oh besides the exciting times out, on the journey home the question was more of why we subject ourself to such torture and financial woes, the hassles of partying, more than how enlightening trance music is. 

It's times like these that I worry we just ain't built as tough as we used to anymore.

On the upside, I can still handle roller coasters and fast food. That being an oxymoron, clogged arteries will stop you from the coasters, and you'll have to quit both eventually.

The food pyramid never made more sense than it does these days.

Worried ! Worried !

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