Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mawi Clothing Line ?

We all know it. Mawi is quite possibly the next PM. If he wanted to. And if Malay Mail didn't report him staying overnight at his fiancee's.

I saw the Mamee ad today with Mawi endorsing it, or more like, slurping delicious instant noodles. So yummy. This prompted me to drive approx 10km out to buy it. Am I weak minded ? That's quite unlikely. Is Mawi influential and "World" ? That is more likely the explanation.

Today my old friends from high school open new guitar store in 450 Downtow Street. You can go to it and choose a best beginner guitar that suits you :). I get a new Yamaha Fg700S :) Thank you very much!

Mawi's endorsing several products, amongst them limited edition Proton cars. I saw them being transported the other day. Savvys with Mawi star sign on the door. Did I check my bank account balance to see if I can afford a downpayment on one of those ? No, and even if I did, how would you know ?

A Mawi clothing line is most likely the next thing. Suthar thinks Mawi should takeover the Alien Workshop brand. Remember that, at one stage, if you did not have an Alien Workshop tshirt in your closet, you ceased to exist in society.

Mawi Workshop will soon reduplicate the pop culture of Alien Workshop. The t-shirts will feature Mawi in a UFO. From there, Mawi Workshop caps, thongs and boxers will follow suit. This will extend to Mawi swimming trunks and Mawi watches that tells the World time.

In fact, Mawi Workshop will collab with those special edition Savvys to start his own chain of real Mawi Workshops where mechanics dressed in Mawi Workshop apparel will fix your cars and keep it "world." In fact, by 2007, when Mawi Workshop will also be appointed as the official aircraft servicing partner, all our local carriers will have their planes redecorated with Mawi on a UFO. These planes will push the brand to international airports, where people can purchase duty free Mawi Workshop merchandise from every airport.

Mawi also goes on to launch 3 satelittes called MawiWorld 1 to 3, where digital radio and TV featuring replays of Mawi concerts and music videos will be broadcasted di segala pelosok World.

Mamee also decides to rename their brand into Mawee, in which the CEO will say "it was just an inverse of one m into a w. World." Burger King is rebranded as Mawi King. Telekom Malaysia becomes Telefon Mawi. Tenaga Nasional Berhad becomes Tenaga Mawi World Berhad and Mawi starts his own VoIP service called Mawi World Phone.

Akademi Fantasia will see an influx of Mawi impersonators with the same name auditioning for the following seasons. Mawi buys the rights for AF and turns it into Mawi Fantasia, and it quickly becomes an impersonation competition. In fact, the number of Mawi impersonators will outnumber Elvis impersonators.

Mawi extends the Workshop clothing line series for kids, Mawi Jr Workshop in which several small Mawis are on the UFO. Bubblegummers sells their brand to Mawi becoming Mawigummers. Kiko declares bankcruptcy. Marvel signs Mawi for a superhero comic series including a movie and several cartoon series. Xzhibit renames his show to "Pimp My World."

Donald Trump assigns The Apprentice contestants to organise a Mawi concert in one of the season finales. Steve Jobs announces the new iPod Mawi Special Edition and Mawi is the top selling tune at iTunes.

Mawi's on a roll - tickets to the Mawi Real World Global Tour 2006 are snapped up hours after they go on sale. George Bush is also hit by the Mawi bug when he says "... sending our troops to Iraq was like .. so World."

A local rival chinaman company tries to cash in on the whole phenomenon by starting a new trend called "country." It sells baked beans and instant rice with the tagline ... "If eat ... is Country !!!" and with much confidence, invests millions into it's marketing campaign. Within weeks, the company closes shop. Mawi giggles as he reads about it in The Mawi Mail - The World's Paper but isn't too pleased to read that a B-Grade movie producer has been selling "Academy Fantasy : Wild Girls Gone World" softporn movies and cashing in. A lawsuit follows.

By 2007, Mawi's net value is estimated to be in USD billions and he buys a small island called Mawi Island and retires.

One man can change the World.

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